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Call for Papers

AEREE serves as a forum for energy research, environment engineering and sustainable development and its application services, and academics interested in the latest development and design of electronic business management and education engineering. You are invited to submit your papers to AEREE 2021 in all of these areas, topics of interest include but not limited to:


Energy Science and Energy Technology

Solar Energy Engineering

Biomass Energy Engineering

Wind Energy Engineering

Nuclear Energy Engineering

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell

Energy Materials

Storage Technology

Energy-saving Technology

Energy Chemical Engineering

Energy-efficient Lighting Products and Technologies

New Energy Vehicles, Electric Vehicles

Energy Equipment

Green Building Materials

Energy-saving Buildings

Energy Security and Clean Use

Development and Utilization of Renewable Energy

Development and Utilization of Chemical Energy

Energy Materials

Energy Storage Technology

Energy Saving Technology

Energy Chemical Engineering

Energy and Environment Engineering

Energy Equipment

Energy Security and Clean Use

Solar energy

Wind energy

Bio energy

Tidal energy

Ocean thermal

Geothermal energy

Small hydro; power

Hybrid energy systems

Applications in agriculture

Storage technology

Grid and off-grid issues

Remote area power supply

Power system technology

Innovations in renewable energy


Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering

Environmental Chemistry and Biology

Environmental Materials

Environmental Safety and Health

Environmental Planning and Assessment

Environmental Analysis and Monitoring

Environmental Engineering

Pollution Control Project (Air, Water, Solid)

Waste Disposal and Recycling

Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Noise and Vibration Control

Clean Production Process

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

Architectural Environment

Equipment Engineering

Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control

Cultivation and Conservation of Forest

Plant Protection

Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Science

Land Resources Environment and Urban Planning

Environmental Protection

Soil destruction

Chemical pollution

Air pollution

Chaos Urbanization

Forest area reduction

Polar ozone hole

Biological diversity

Threat of fresh water resources

Climate change and energy waste

Over exploitation of marine

Water treatment

Energy-saving and emission-reduction


Sustainable Development

Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Low Carbon Ideas

Urban and Regional Planning

Development and Management of the Energy Industry

The Global Climate Change

International Cooperation on Reducing Carbon Emissions

Analysis of International Energy Demand and Supply

Analysis of National Energy Strategy and Decision-making

Production and Operations of Energy Companies

Sustainable energy and environment

Green manufacturing

Agricultural sustainability

Zero energy building

Waste management

Energy management / audit

Energy policies and economics

Energy efficient systems

Sustainability in process industries

Safety for all

Energy Security and Clean Use

Green infrastructures

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